Assos Ll.Habutights.S7 review

I just purchased a new pair of bibtighs, the new Assos Habu tights with the S7 insert – and thought I´d make a little writeup after the first test.

Some background first; the reason I bought a new pair of tights was my commute to work. I cycle 20km each way, and spring in northern Norway can be a rather cold thing. Certainly not to be compared to spring further down the continent. Cold, windy, sometimes rainy – and today – which was a rather nice spring day with sun and all – broken up by hail and short downfalls of snow.
Perfect for testing my new “early winter” as Assos describe them, bib tights.


I own two Assos garments already, and being very satisfied with both (Tk.434 S5 knickers and a T.Equipe S7 shorts) I decided to fork up for the rather expensive Habutights.

They fit very good, and very comfortable. The pad is excellent, but I already knew that before I bought them – as it is the same pad as the T.Equipe shorts I already own.
I use a size L in the other Assos garments I own, so I bought this one in L as well. I´m 5´11″ and weigh in at 200lbs. I have short legs and a long torso, which sometimes makes it difficult to get the right sizes.

The compression is very good. A comfortable good, but I do like the tights to be, well, tights. Getting them on requires a bit of patience. I really have to start on the bottom and gradually pull them on, otherwise they won’t get far enough up for the pad to sit where it needs to. If you have long legs – try them on at a local dealer, you might need XL for the tights to be long enough to reach you ankles!


The weather today changed from sunny and 6-7 degrees celcius to overcast, -0.5 and light snow and hail showers. The tights is definitely warmer than shorts and leg warmers, but to stay toasty during the ride I suspect Assos got it right when they claim the Habu climate range to start around the 6 degree mark.

I did get them for spring (Northern Norway spring = Swiss early winter) so the 6-15 degree range should be just perfect!

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